What does a real pizza box look like?


The pizza box must maintain its shape and temperature

Ordering food to the home and office has become a popular business activity. To be true, pizzas have been ordered for long time, by now just other foods are included also to the list.

When ordering pizza, people pay attention to the different parts … for some the cheese is important, for some ham, for some speed of delivery and for some the price is most important thing. Every person has something that is quite important when ordering pizza. But one thing is common, the pizza box must be so good that the food will stay warm, the box cover keeps closed and the box maintain without damages. So, the most important is the material from what the box is made.

“… the most important is the material…”

The pizza box must be made of strong corrugated cardboard so that several pizzas could be loaded to top of each other, so that during the transport the box retain closed and without damages. In order to fill the above, special grooves are provided in the box structure to prevent opening. And of course the material will be used at the box as thick as the dimensions require. As the pizza is placed hot in the box, the pizza box must be able to maintain the temperature of the food. And when pizza comes with a delicious sauce, the box must be able to prevent moisture and liquid from leaking. Air humidity on the sides of the box helps prevent moisture from forming. To prevent leakage, the material is treated with wax or special base paper is used underneath the pizza.

As a modern green person, we certainly appreciate that the packaging is made from recyclable paper pulp and we prefer that at the production will be completely chemical free. Of course, we pay attention to the packaging if we find ourselves in a situation where it is simply not possible to use the bike. And because we are eco friendly – sorting as little waste as possible – the pizza box ends up in the right collection container. Because the pizza boxes are originally flat shape, it is easy to open the boxes and fold for smaller so it can add to container. It has also happened that we have noticed a beautifully decorated box … those are the moments when the beauty with an appetizing aroma mix when opening the box. Then it is hard to throw all this beauty away to the container.

“…the pizza tastes more delicious in a beautiful box…”

Of course, decorating is used effectively because it is fastest way to make the brand visible. And while some boxes are more beautiful than others, the durability of the box still plays a big role. Beautifully decorated pizza box instantly loses its charm with large greasy stains. About the possibilities – the printing can easily use at the box with a good surface layout and the stickers are used. From us it is possible to order the boxes with special shapes and with the printing. If interested, submit your request through the Special order form. Do not hesitate to send the questions to us, our professional sales managers will help you with all your questions. We help you with the materials selection so that all the important parts will be included. If you are in a hurry you can choose the box from our stock selection. We offer boxes with window, boxes without window, boxes from biodegradable material and small pizza slice boxes.