About us

Currently we have over 2000 different items in our stock to choose from: containers and trays suitable for fresh vegetables and fruits, for frozen or hot food. For manufacturing plants we have plastic bags, containers and trays made of different materials. It is also possible to buy disposable tableware and much more. Our wide range of products offer great packing possibilities for wholesale and retail sellers as well as for civilians

Besides wide range of packages, we also offer a possibility to purchase packing materials (as films, plastic bags, pastry boxes etc) with your logo or design chosen by you. For more information, please see our special order products page.

To get a better overview of the products, please visit us in Tallinn, Peterburi tee 49 or in Tartu, Vasara 46C. All packages come from leading manufacturing companies located all over Europe, all are in accordance with the EC directives and have a valid declaration of compliance that guarantees the credibility, safety and hygiene of the products.

It does not matter if the order is small or large, everyone can buy. We ship all orders.


MULTIPACK OÜ was founded in Estonia at 1998 to sale to the customers the packaging materials with wide range.

Multipack OÜ belongs to Polipaks Group, which is the largest producer and distributor of packaging materials in the Baltic States. Polipaks Group has over 200 suppliers in Europe and Asia. The Group’s total annual turnover is approximately 45,000,000 euros. The Polipaks Group operate at Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian markets. At Latvia the factory belongs to the Multipack SIA.

20 years of experience and successful cooperation with different customers and suppliers enable us to offer to the consumer’s theirs real needs and provide to them the  modern and versatile solutions. We have a long-term cooperation with ETK, Selver, Rimi, Maxima, Comarket, Gross Food, Rakvere Lihatööstus, Atria, Rannarootsi, Põltsamaa Felix, Bauhof and a lot of others manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.